Looking for Japanese used trucks? Yes, We export to you!car001.jpg

 E xporting more than hundreds of used trucks a year, DT commerce  provides quality Japanese used vehicles at a reasonable price. Our head office is located in Tokyo, the center of Japanese economics,  and so we can get the latest used truck market information, including several pro use auctions, and expanding our original truck stock networks.   
 W e have a variety of truck lineups. such as flat deck, box body, dump, freezer, crane, self loader, concrete mixer, tractors, garbage truck, forklift and more! In the case we don't have your target truck in our list, we can find through our network quickly.


 O ur Feature

car001.jpg     1. Exporting more than hundreds of used truck every year.

car001.jpg     2. Variety of  truck types from old models available.

car001.jpg     3. Exclusive regular Fuso truck stocks providing from our group freight companies.
                Mainly Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks (FT, FK, FE Van, Wings).

car001.jpg     4.  Unlisted trucks, we can find it through our network or pro auctions.

car001.jpg     5. English Operator available.


 W e are also a very active truck seller in domestic areas, checking the latest  truck auctions around Tokyo. If your are interested in  finding further Japanese used trucks, consignment sell, or regular import, we could be the best truck supplier for your needs.